What Makes A Good Motion Sensor

A motion sensor, or a motion sensor light switch, is a common electronic device in modern homes and offices. The prices of toggle light switch and motion sensor light switch are quite near. Homeowners can afford to upgrade all toggle light switches to motion sensor switches without effort. Many big brands manufacture and offer solid and cost-effective motion sensors, like Lutron, Leviton, Eaton, and Rayzeek, but what makes a motion sensor the best sensor? Price Of course, we need to take a look at the price first. Overpriced products are nothing but a waste of money. Thankfully, all products from these big brands are reasonably priced and do not have much difference. Feature and Modes The main feature is the occupancy feature that most motion sensors will include by default. The occupancy mode allows the motion sensor to turn on the lights when the room is with people and turn off the light when the room is empty. The other common feature is the vacancy mode that requires you to tu

What Types of Light Sensors are There?

  The light sensor is a device that detects light in order to measure light intensity. It can be used for many purposes, including controlling light sources such as lamps and light bulbs or even detecting the level of brightness in an environment. There are three main types of light sensors: the photocell, photoresistor and photodiode. This blog post will go into detail about each type so you can decide which one would best suit your needs! ##Photocell sensors The photocell light sensor is the most common type of light sensor. It uses the photovoltaic effect to produce a voltage proportional to light intensity, and it can be used in many different applications such as measuring ambient light levels or controlling an electric lamp's brightness based on light level. Photocells are usually made from high resistivity silicon which produces a variable resistance depending on how much light shines on it. When there is more light shining onto the cell, its resistance decreases because ele